Sunday, June 25, 2017

In Virginia July 1st is When New Laws Go into Effect……So What Laws Have Changed for Virginia’s Current and Future Registered Sex Offenders in 2017?

Soon Virginia news outlets will start to write about the new laws that take effect in Virginia this coming Saturday, July 1st.  

The Virginia Division of Legislative Services does publish a summary of new laws following the end of session for the VA Legislators to have on hand called In Due Course. I thought about publishing this post back on 06/17/17 but the VDLS summary was not yet online, now it is. 

Media outlets usually pick the most controversial new laws or the widest-net ones to write about, there is no way they can cover every-single new law. 

And since ignorance of the law is not an acceptable defense and mens rea (criminal intent) isn’t a required factor in the commission of a crime, especially a sex crime or in a failure to register for RSO’s, I am going to repost my May 11th list of new laws for Registered Sex Offenders in Virginia in case anyone missed it the first time around. Also you can visit the 2017 General Assembly page to follow the history of the Bills I fought this year. 

Mary Devoy 
May 11, 2017 Re-Post:

The 2017 Virginia General Assembly Session began back on Wednesday January 11th , it  adjourned on Saturday February 25th and the reconvene session (AKA Veto Session) was held on Wednesday April 5, 2017. 

This morning I finally finalized the 2017 General Assembly Legislation page so that all the details on what Bills failed and what Bills passed are in one location. That page will remain up until November and then it will be replaced with a new 2018 GA Legislation page in anticipation of the next VA GA session. 

So now that’s all over…………. what new laws begin on July 1, 2017 that will affect Virginias current (not just future) Registered Sex Offenders (RSO)? Is there anything significant that you need to know about or to avoid or are now required to do?  Yes there are 2 changes, only 1 is a new crime.