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June thru December 2017
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Ohio House bill seeks to help young 'sexting' offenders, September 20, 2017

Should Sexting Under Age Be Considered A Crime? (with Lesson Plan), September 20, 2017

Why One Colorado County Took Its Sex-Offender List Offline, September 20, 2017

Does barring sex offenders from church violate RFRA? (IN) September 20, 2017 

Corrections officials note improvements to state sex offender treatment (UT), September 19, 2017

Opinion: The sex-offender panic is destroying lives, September 19, 2017

Dick Pic Makes Teenager Guilty of Sexually Exploiting Himself, High Court Says, September 18, 2017
The Washington Supreme Court's ruling implies that adolescents who engage in consensual sexting are child pornographers.

Shawna: A Life on the Sex Offender Registry, September 17, 2017
A young mother struggles with life on the sex offender registry.
Documentary Untouchable

Wiretapping Sex Workers, Punishing Pre-Crime, and National Strategy to Stop Sex-Buyers Approved by Senate, September 15, 2017
Congress moves to grant Trump administration vast new policing powers, because "sex trafficking."
S1312: “an invitation for the federal government to get involved in teen sexting cases”
S1311: “allows for first-time federal offenders with any state or local sex-offenses on their record, prison sentences three times the length of what would otherwise be allowed”.

Gov. Brown supports bill sent to him that would end lifetime listing of many sex offenders on public registry, September 15, 2017

Calif. lawmakers revamp sex offender registry, throw out lifetime rule, September 15, 2017

Efforts to shrink California's lifetime registry sparks debate on real danger of sex offenders, September 14, 2017

'I'm Appalled,' Says Source of Phony Number Used to Justify Harsh Sex Offender Laws, September 14, 2017
Claims of "frightening and high" recidivism rates, endorsed by the Supreme Court, have no basis in fact.

The Injustice of the ‘Rape-Culture’ Theory, September 13, 2017
For those in the grips of hysteria, proof is the enemy

New evidence in 27-year-old child rape case could help Virginia Beach man prove his innocence (Virginia), September 13, 2017

The Real Test Arrives: Will the Supreme Court Abdicate Constitutional Oversight for Sex Offender Civil Commitment Schemes? September 13, 2017
Karsjens v. Piper., MSOP program to be heard by SCOTUS on September 25th

Colorado AG to appeal federal court decision declaring state’s sex offender registration unconstitutional, September 13, 2017
U.S. District Court Judge Richard Matsch found that the Colorado Sex Offender Registration Act violates the cruel and unusual punishment clause of the Eighth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution

Suicide of teen who made sex video shows dilemma for schools, September 12, 2017

A ‘Frightening’ Myth About Sex Offenders, September 12, 2017
Documentary Untouchable

Only 4 states make all sex offenders register for life. California may no longer be one. September 11, 2017

During Hurricane Irma, Registered Sex Offenders Struggle To Find Shelter, September 10, 2017

Florida Sex Offenders Told to Seek Shelter in Jails and Prisons, or Leave State During Hurricane Irma
, September 10, 2017

Lawmaker revives bill that would scale back sex offender registry in California, September 8, 2017

When Do You Move Prisoners Out of a Storm’s Path? September 8, 2017
Texas waited until after Harvey hit. Now it’s Florida’s turn

CO Ruling Is Seventh Against Sex Offender Registries, September 8, 2017

When Escaping a Hurricane Means Risking Jail, September 7, 2017
A Florida sheriff department's plan to check warrants at shelters could risk lives among evacuees and first responders alike.

Sex Offenders in Emergency Shelters, September 7, 2017

COA considers whether ban on sex offenders attending church violates RFRA (IN) , September 7, 2017

Questions remain about judge's ruling on Colorado's sex offender registry, September 6, 2017
Denver federal judge ruled list unconstitutional

Polk sheriff says criminals, sex offenders not welcome at hurricane shelters, September 6, 2017
LEOs will be checking IDs at shelters

The Uncomfortable Truth About Campus Rape Policy, September 6, 2017
At many schools, the rules intended to protect victims of sexual assault mean students have lost their right to due process—and an accusation of wrongdoing can derail a person’s entire college education.

Residents Concerned about Proposed Sex Offender Hurricane Shelter (LA), September 6, 2017
A new state law requires that registered sex offenders are housed apart from everyone else in evacuations

Spurred by rape victim, bill targets parental custody rights of sex offenders, September 6, 2017

For Sex Offenders, Registration Is Punishment, September 6, 2017
A federal judge rules that Colorado’s online database violates the Eighth Amendment.

Vacancies prompt state police to offer abbreviated academy (Virginia), September 3, 2017

Professor's new book explores deviations from society's norms, laws, September 1, 2017 

Attempt to end lifetime sex-offender registration in California fails, September 1, 2017

Colorado sex offender registration act is unconstitutional, federal judge declares, September 1, 2017
The judge’s ruling criticized Colorado legislators who claimed that the sex offender act is not punitive

August 2017

'Cop in a Box' helping Tazewell Co. Sheriff Dept. catch internet predators (Virginia), August 31, 2017

Judge Finds Colorado Sex Offender Registry Unconstitutional, August 31, 2017

Judges find 2015 law unconstitutional as applied to registered sex offender (IN), August 31, 2017

Montco senator's bill would remove sex offender registration requirement for custody crimes (PA), August 31, 2017

A Mother’s Story of her Mentally Disabled Son on The Sex Offender Registry, August 27, 2017

Two Weeks After New Times Story, Ron Book Wants to Close Sex Offender Camp Near Hialeah(FL), August 24, 2017

End Juvenile Sex-Offender Registration: It’s Ineffective and Based on Rare Cases, August 23, 2017

Tent camp of homeless sex offenders near Hialeah ‘has got to close,’ county says (FL), August 22, 2017

TN Supreme Court backs A.J. Johnson's bid to see alleged victim's social media, August 16, 2017

Committee recommends eliminating residency restrictions for sex offenders (OH), August 16, 2017

Ex-con feels he's being forced to re-offend, asks state to step in (Virginia), August 15, 2017

Cops Dig Desperately for a Picture That Can Send a Harmless Old Man to Jail (Virginia), August 10, 2017
Prosecutors say the former professor poses no threat but should be locked up anyway.

Threats to arrest convicted sex offenders at City Union Mission prompt federal lawsuit (MO), August 10, 2017

SCOTUS to mull accepting sex offender lawsuit, August 9, 2017

Cruel and Unusual: the Case Against Registering Kids as Sex Offenders, August 8, 2017

Colorado Cops Say Sex With Teens OK So Long as There's No Sexting, What? August 8, 2017

Are sex offender registries reinforcing inequality? August 8, 2017

Hundreds of Miami Sex Offenders Live in a Squalid Tent City Near Hialeah (FL), August 8, 2017

The Practical Case for Parole for Violent Offenders, August 8, 2017

San Diego sued over refusal to repeal sex-offender laws (CA), August 7, 2017

Innocence Is Irrelevant, September 2017 Issue, August 7, 2017
This is the age of the plea bargain—and millions of Americans are suffering the consequences.

Defendants Kept in the Dark About Evidence, Until It’s Too Late, August 7, 2017
New York is one of 10 states where prosecutors can wait until just before trial to share evidence, which critics say is unfair. But a new bill could change the rules.

Jeff Sessions Scuttles Forensics Partnership With Scientists, August 7, 2017
Attorney general puts prosecutor in charge of guidelines for policies that were prone to abuses in past

Landlord to sex offenders in Ware, on registry himself, says safe home cuts risk, August 6, 2017  

The Bogus War on Internet Sex Work, August 6, 2017
No one is arguing that companies have a right to knowingly profit off of sexual exploitation, but we already have a host of remedies for punishing those activities.

Life as a Registered Sex Offender: What Is It Really Like? August 4, 2017
Q&A, Part One of Three

A Bill Intended to Stop Sex Trafficking Could Significantly Curtail Internet Freedom, August 4, 2017

New York Times Publishes a Terrible Defense of Campus Kangaroo Courts, August 4, 2017
It would be better — and fairer — for all involved to take the adjudication of rape allegations out of schools’ hands.

Family Says City’s Sex Offender Law Goes Way Too Far (WI), August 2, 2017

Virginia State Bar files ethics complaint against Joe Morrissey alleging cover-up of sex scandal (Virginia), August 2, 2017

Editorial: Sex offenders who are homeless are the greater risk, August 1, 2017

July 2017 

Michigan files supplemental brief replying to solicitor general, July 31, 2017

San Diego repealing sex offender laws that haven't been enforced for years, July 31, 2017

Discredited, the Legend of Mattress Girl Just Won't Go Away, July 28, 2017
Despite a settlement essentially exonerating him, Paul Nungesser is still a rapist in a media narrative.

How states are working to reduce recidivism among ex-offenders, July 27, 2017

The Food Stamp info in this piece is wrong, I advised the author that in 2014 U.S. Congress banned Sex Offenders from SNAP benefits. Plus RSO's are banned from HUD AND Small Business Loans too. - Mary

Ex-Convicts Help Companies Fill Need for Skilled Labor, July 27, 2017
As jobless rate declines, employers increasingly find qualified workers among recently released prisoners

Sex offenders now pay the cost of supervision (WY), July 26, 2017
Previous source of cash has run dry, so the state charges registrants for every change of status.

To Protect Rights On Campus, We Have To Change The Culture (Virginia), July 25, 2017
JMU Case

New UVA Law Criminal Justice Project Seeks to Move the Needle on Reform (Virginia) July 24, 2017

Court holds that retroactive extension of sex offender registration is punitive (PA), July 25, 2017

North Dakota’s Norway Experiment, July 24, 2017
Can humane prisons work in America? A red state aims to find out.

Ruling Raises Questions About Sex Offender Registry's Future, July 23, 2017
Changes are coming to Pennsylvania's sex offender registry as a result of a Pennsylvania Supreme Court decision issued this week, but experts say it's unclear exactly how they will play out.

Convictions for custody interference brand Pennsylvania parents as sex offenders, July 23, 2017

False memories and false confessions: the psychology of imagined crimes, July 22, 2017
Julia Shaw uses science to prove that some memories are false. Now she's tackling criminal-justice failures

Opinion: Be wary of emotionally charged laws named after dead people, July 21, 2017

Pennsylvania Wanted to Harshen the Rules for Sex Offenders With Closed Cases. The Courts Said No. , July 21, 2017

Nevada implementing law on juvenile sex offenders, July 21, 2017

Betsy DeVos Is Right: Sexual Assault Policy Is Broken, July 21, 2017

Pennsylvania Supreme Court Recognizes Sex Offender Registration As Punitive, July 20, 2017
The court says retroactive application of the requirements violates the constitutional ban on ex post facto laws.

The Supreme Court made it harder for states to ban sex offenders from social media. Here’s why, July 20, 2017

Pennsylvania Supreme Court finds retroactive state sex offender registration law is punitive, so unconstitutional, July 19, 2017
1) SORNA’s registration provisions constitute punishment notwithstanding the General Assembly’s identification of the provisions as nonpunitive;
2) retroactive application of SORNA’s registration provisions violates the federal ex post facto clause; and
3) retroactive application of SORNA’s registration provisions also violates the ex post facto clause of the Pennsylvania Constitution 

Advocates say psych hospital (SVP’s) newsletters being blocked, July 18, 2017
Marked "Return to Sender"

Bill offers needed reform for sex offender registry (CA), July 18, 2017

Man acquitted in Virginia Beach teen's cold case murder asks judge to clear his record (Virginia), July 18, 2017

Bill offers needed reform for sex offender registry, July 18, 2017

As some states reconsider sex-offender registries, an Alabama resident argues the state’s for-life requirements are too much, July 15, 2017 

McGovern: Statutory status called into question, July 15, 2017
SJC seeks opinions in juvenile rape case

He spent 9 years on McNeil Island without his day in court, July 14, 2017
The state spent more than $1.3 million to keep him there, all without a solid case, said his attorney, Rachel Forde.

Iowa Prosecutor Who Threatened to Treat Girl's Selfies As Child Porn Backs Down, July 14, 2017
Marion County Attorney Ed Bull promises not to prosecute a teenager who took pictures of herself in her underwear.

Bill Filed to Close Sex Offender Loophole (OK), July 14, 2017

Overhaul could drop thousands from sex offender registry (OH), July 14, 2017
Some argue putting label on sex offenders has little public benefit.

Virginia Republicans face the largest number of contested elections in over a decade (Virginia), July 13, 2017

New data: The rise of the “prosecutor politician”, July 13, 2017

Phone conferences curtailed for sex offenders (NY), July 13, 2017
Patients at state-run hospital under civil confinement can't join in national teleconferences

It’s Time to Overhaul America’s Broken Probation and Parole Systems, July 13, 2017

Airbnb uses background checks to weed out sex offenders, July 13, 2017

New Oregon law means life sentences for second-strike sex offenders, July 12, 2017

Newport News adopts interagency juvenile crime program (Virginia), July 11, 2017

Released From Prison But Locked Out of Work, July 10, 2017
How licensing laws that block people with criminal records harm the formerly incarcerated and the economy.

DOJ urges SCOTUS not to review Sixth Circuit panel decision finding retroactive application of Michigan sex offender law unconstitutional, July 8, 2017

UK Prison inmates fear their blankets are made by sex offenders, July 7, 2017

State can't block ALL sex offenders (on Probation) from having smart phone (IA), July 6, 2017