Who Are My Virginia State Representatives? 1-Delegate and 1-Senator

Pocahontas Building
Temporary Virginia General Assembly Building from late 2017 through 2021

In Virginia the Virginia General Assembly holds a session every year. Session always begins on the second Wednesday in January in Richmond at Capitol Square which includes the Capitol and General Assembly building. 

In even-numbered years, the G.A. meets for 60 calendar days and in odd-numbered years it meets for 30 calendar days. In odd-numbered years, House members (Delegates) are limited to 15 bills maximum being submitted (patroned or sponsored).
The Virginia House of Delegates consists of 100 members. Each Delegate is elected from a separate and distinct district for a term of two years. All Delegates terms begin and end at the same time. Every two years, the House reorganizes after the general election in which they are elected. As a result of the organization process, the House elects its leadership (Speaker of the House, Clerk, of the House, and Sergeant at Arms) and adopts the Rules of the House. As a result of the United States Census for the Virginia population, a Delegate represents approximately 80,000 citizens of the Commonwealth. Each Delegate receives an annual salary of $17,640.
The Speaker of the House (as of 2018 Kirk Cox) serves as the presiding officer of the House. The duties of the Speaker include assigning all bills to House committees and appointing the chairs and members of each of the 14 standing committees of the House. The Speaker presides over the daily session of the House and guides the legislative process of the House pursuant to the Constitution and the Rules (link needs to be added).
The House of Delegates has 14 standing committees. Members are assigned to committees by the Speaker of the House.

Political party affiliation and regional representation are taken into consideration when making appointments. To access individual committee information and to find information regarding current membership and subcommittees. For referred legislation and agendas go to the Legislative Information System (LIS).
The Senate of Virginia consists of 40 members. Each Senator is elected from a separate and distinct district for a term of four years. All Senators' terms begin and end at the same time. Every four years the Senate reorganizes after the general election in which are elected. A Senator represents approximately 200,000 citizens of the Commonwealth. Each Senator receives an annual salary of $18,000.
The Lieutenant Governor (as of 2018 Justin Fairfax) is the presiding officer of the Senate, pursuant to the Constitution of Virginia. The Lieutenant Governor is elected in a statewide election for a four-year term. In the event of his absence, the President pro tempore carries out the duties of the presiding officer. The President pro tempore is elected by the Senate for a term of four years.

The Senate has 11 committees. Members are elected to serve on committees by a vote of the Senate. Use the following list of Senate Committees to access individual committee information and to find information regarding current membership, subcommittees, referred legislation and agendas.

Every citizen of Virginia has one Delegate and one Senator for their district and if they register to vote can play a part in deciding that represents them.

Most citizens wrongly assume that what happens in Washington, D.C. when it comes to passing new laws is much more important than what is happening in their State Legislature. The majority of laws that affect our daily lives are State laws, not Federal. 

Most laws affecting Registered Sex Offenders are State laws, not Federal.  

Yearly changes prohibiting where an RSO can live, work or loiter, how often they must register and what information is required during registration, how they are classified or for how long they are required to register, the civil commitment of SVP's and whether any of these new laws are retroactive or not.  All of this is done at the State level and that’s why you need to know who your State Delegate and State Senator are and when there is an election for Virginia Delegate, Senator, Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General the same effort you make to go vote for U.S. President, U.S. Vice-President and U.S. Congress members should be made on the off-years for State officials. 

Do you know who your one State Delegate and one State Senator is, look them up 

Once you know who representatives your district you should contact them and introduce yourself.
Virginia Delegates                    

Virginia Senators

When the General Assembly is in session you can track bills on-line, you can check daily schedules (link needs to be added) for House and Senate Sub-committee (the only time citizens can speak for or against a bill) and Full-committee hearings you can also watch House and Senate floor debates on the bills that have passed through committee and on to votes all live. 

Until 2017, no Virginia House or Senate Sub-Committee or Full Committee meeting had ever been recorded or streamed online. In 2017 a non-profit group streamed and archived most of the Virginia House and Senate Committee meetings online for the very first time. 

In 2018 because the Virginia Legislature will be house temporary in the Pocahontas Building at 900 East Main Street, Richmond, Virginia 23219 through the 2021 GA session most if not all of the Sub-Committee and Full-Committee meetings will be able to be streamed online so Virginians across the State can watch. Once the links to the Committee rooms are posted online, they will be added to this page. 

The original Virginia General Assembly Building at the corner of Broad St and 9th St. is being torn down and rebuilt. Pocahontas Bldg Directory and Parking options. 

You can track the donations of the Virginia Legislators; know who is funding their re-election campaigns. Are they giant corporations, special interests? 

Have you ever read the Virginia Constitution? 
An informed Virginian is a powerful Virginian; you have the ability to be a participant or a bystander.