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July - December

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December 2016

‘Modern-Day Leper’, December 31, 2016

Winter shelter program in Suffolk offers a warm place for the homeless to sleep (Virginia), December 30, 2016
Except for Registered Sex Offenders

Del. Daun Hester to run for Norfolk treasurer (Virginia), December 30, 2016

Class action: IL supervised release policies unjustly effectively keep sex offenders in prison 'for life', December 29, 2016

Va. Lawmaker wants porn declared a pubic health hazard (Virginia), December 29, 2016

Unfriended: Police officers urge social media safety (Virginia), December 29, 2016

Bill Would Ban Adults Without Kids from Playgrounds (CA), December 28, 2016

Virginia legislature behind other states on streaming (Virginia), December 28, 2016

Saunders: Stanford rape case shows need for judicial independence, December 28, 2016

Virginia prisons in solitary confinement reduction effort (Virginia), December 27, 2016

Editorial: L.A.'s proposed ban on single adults near playgrounds is fear-based policy making at its worst, December 27, 2016

Virginia legislation would give $15,000 to wrongfully imprisoned upon release (Virginia), December 26, 2016 

MT bill proposes lesser punishment for 18-year-old sex offenders, December 26, 2016

Is It OK To Automatically Hate Sex Offenders? December 24, 2016
Should we permanently vilify every sex offender? Research says no.

Sex Offenders Say Illinois Parole System Is Broken, December 22, 2016
REGISTER THE FLAW: New evidence says US sex-offender policies are actually causing more crime, December 21, 2016

Opinion: Minnesota’s failed football boycott was a blow to fairness in campus sexual assault hearings, December 20, 2016

Full pardon for then-teenager in 2003 Crozet killings (Virginia), December 19, 2016
Robert Davis no longer has to register as a Sex Offender

State Del. Rick Morris defends himself in email to supporters about domestic abuse hearing (Virginia), December 19, 2016

Four Things We Can Do to End Mass Incarceration, December 19, 2016

Former Fort Worth police officer who served 21 years in prison for raping a 13-year-old girl is found not guilty in re-trial after victim admits she made it all up, December 17, 2016

The Pilot, Daily Press appeal judge's decision to bar reporters from state lawmaker's hearing (Virginia), December 16, 2016

Judge dismisses 6 of 7 felonies against State Del. Rick Morris in domestic abuse case (Virginia), December 15, 2016

Department of Corrections says Va. has low recidivism rate (Virginia), December 14, 2016

This cruel new policy makes it near impossible for kids to see their incarcerated parents, December 12, 2016

At Fluvanna Correctional Center For Women, horror story after horror story in medical care (Virginia), December 10, 2016

Prison Company Geo Gave $125,000 to Pro-Trump Super PAC Last Month; Shares Soaring, December 9, 2016

The Roots of Implicit Bias, December 9, 2016

Supreme Court: Kansas violated rights of man jailed 4 years, December 9, 2016

Emily Brewer of Suffolk announces 2017 run for state House seat held by Rick Morris (Virginia), December 9, 2016

Foes of Russia Say Child Pornography Is Planted to Ruin Them, December 9, 2016

'Norfolk Four' have asked Gov. Terry McAuliffe to declare them innocent (Virginia), December 9, 2016

Officials leave sex offenders' election ballots uncounted (TX), December 6, 2016
Sex offenders at treatment center sue for alleged rights violations
Judge Strikes Part of Indiana Sex-Offender (Loitering) Ordinance, December 6, 2016
Sex offender argues mandatory ankle monitors are unconstitutional, December 6, 2016
Sex Offender on Oxygen Forced to Move into Tent in Woods Because of Insane Residency Restrictions, December 6, 2016
The man had no idea there was a home daycare center within 1,000 feet of his new house.
What the Pizzagate conspiracy theory borrows from a bogus satanic sex panic of the 1980s, December 5, 2016
Americans are more paranoid and easily misled than ever. And that's dangerous.

Two Federal Courts Call BS on Banning Sex Offenders From 'Child Safety Zones', December 5, 2016
Rulings deem Indiana and North Carolina laws unconstitutionally vague and unjustifiably wide.

Editorial: Open records reform in name only (Virginia), December 4, 2016

Peake, Washington win nominations to run for Garrett's state Senate seat (Virginia), December 4, 2016

Inmate held on 1974 parole violation even though officials want him freed, December 3, 2016

Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down Absurdly Repressive North Carolina Sex Offender Law, December 2, 2016

Three – maybe four – Republicans want to be Virginia's next governor (Virginia), December 2, 2016

Hartford City sex offender ordinance unconstitutionally vague (IN), December 2, 2016

Va. delegate kicks off bid for lieutenant governor by comparing himself to Trump (Virginia), December 2, 2016

State Lawmakers Want More Sex Abuse Prevention Education (Virginia), December 1, 2016
Erin’s Law

4th Circuit strikes down North Carolina residency/movement restrictions on sex offenders, December 1, 2016

Getting sex by saying ‘If you don’t have sex with me I will find someone who will’ = rape or sexual assault? December 1, 2016

Court agrees some N Carolina sex offender limits unlawful, December 1, 2016

Judges Have More Power In Granting Warrants To Hack Digital Devices, December 1, 2016
Rule 41

Sen. Stanley giving 'serious consideration' to run for attorney general (Virginia), December 1, 2016

The Attorney Fighting Revenge Porn, December 2016 Issue
Carrie Goldberg is a pioneer in the field of sexual privacy, using the law to defend victims of hacking, leaking, and other online assaults.

Trump Sets Private Prisons Free, December 2016 Issue
The incarceration industry was having a tough time. Then Trump got elected.

November 2016 

A rule change to make it easier to catch pedophiles will lead to government mass hacking, critics say, November 30, 2016
Rule 41

McAuliffe sets Jan. 10 special election for McEachin, Garrett, Taylor seats (Virginia), November 30, 2016

Predator In Chief: President Trump And The Glorification Of Sexual Violence, November 30, 2016
Apparently, Trump was right when he told Billy Bush, “when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.”

The Understudied Female Sexual Predator, November 28, 2016
According to new research, sexual victimization by women is more common than gender stereotypes would suggest.  

Proposal would lessen penalties for some sex offenders (OH), November 27, 2016

Sex offender doesn’t have to reveal sexual history, Utah Supreme Court rules, November 27, 2016

Sandy Rozek: Sex offender registries discourage rehabilitation, November 25, 2016

"San Antonio Four" declared innocent, exonerated, November 23, 2016
The four women were sent to prison in the late 1990s on charges of sexually assaulting two young girls

'San Antonio Four' cleared on all charges by Texas appeals court, November 23, 2016

McClellan's path to state Senate clears, McEachin submits resignation on way to Congress (Virginia), November 22, 2016

Dying, Wheelchair-Bound Sex Offender Must Leave Hospice Care Because There's a Preschool Nearby, November 22, 2016
But please, think of the children.

Del. Rob Bell ends campaign for Virginia attorney general (Virginia), November 21, 2016

Guilty until proven innocent, in Colorado, November 21, 2016

The families of perpetrators of sexual harm: The silent minority, November 21, 2016

GOP contender for Va. attorney general bows out of race (Virginia), November 21, 2016

The challenge of elderly sex offenders, November 20, 2016
Where should they live? What if their health and minds are failing?

Could Danny Heinrich scuttle ideas for reforming sex offender program? (MN), November 18, 2016

Virginia Beach student charged with sharing, storing nude photos of classmates on hidden phone app (Virginia), November 18, 2016

MN Called on to Change Child Pornography Sentencing Practices, November 17, 2016

Are Sex Offenders Human? November 15, 2016
New documentaries can’t get past the question

Men on the margin: Are buffer zones the sex offender solution?  November 15, 2016

Appropriations Committee promises to restore money cut from Va. State Police budget (Virginia), November 15, 2016

McClellan announces run for McEachin's state Senate seat (Virginia), November 14, 2016

Proposed sex offender registry changes would be based on risk (OH), November 13, 2016

Virginia State Police leader paints dire picture of agency (Virginia), November 11, 2016

Want to keep ex-criminals on the straight and narrow? Make it easier to get a job, November 11, 2016

The FBI likely ran nearly half the child porn sites on the dark web in 2016, November 11, 2016

DOJ: Virginia drivers license suspension law unconstitutional (Virginia), November 11, 2016

Suit by Virginia prison inmate involving retention of video monitor recordings settled (Virginia), November 10, 2016

Sex Crimes Meet Whenever, November 10, 2016

Lawsuit: Mississippi’s sodomy law outdated, unconstitutional, November 9, 2016

Lawsuit challenges Tennessee sex offender registry, November 9, 2016

Witness Exclusion Was Error at SVP Trial (Virginia), November 7, 2016

Why Prisoners and Ex-Felons Should Retain the Right to Vote, November 6, 2016
6.1 million citizens will be barred from voting on election day

Pope Francis holds Mass for prisoners, calls for forgiveness and rehabilitation, November 6, 2016
The pope provided prisoners a message of forgiveness and redemption. A central theme of his papacy has been the world's most vulnerable.

Sexual Violence: When An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure, November 4, 2016

"Hard to See": A story of sex offenders takes center stage, November 3, 2016

Rethinking Nebraska's Sex Offender Registry, November 3, 2016

Alissa Ackerman :An Unlikely Bond, November 1, 2016
Seventeen years after being raped, a criminologist finds a surprising path to closure.

October 2016

Public Sex Offender Registry System: Ineffective and Wasteful, October 31, 2016

Halloween display put up by registered sex offender draws concern from Arlington residents (Virginia), October 31, 2016

Teens should be educated about safer sexting not just abstinence, report says, October 30, 2016
Outdated notions in sex education of accountability and gender are disconnected from young people, author says

Freed sex offenders in a Catch-22 amid community backlash (MN), October 30, 2016
As they're released from MSOP, communities take action to keep them out. 

Tracking violent ex-cons: Registries grow, but do they work?  October 29, 2016

Are Halloween rules for sex offenders unjust?  October 28, 2016

The Volokh Conspiracy: Supreme Court agrees to consider N.C. ban on sex offenders’ access to most prominent social networks, October 28, 2016

Social Media Ban for Sex Offenders Gets U.S. High Court Review, October 28, 2016

U.S. Supreme Court to Decide if North Carolina Can Bar Sex Offenders From Social Media, October 28, 2016
State law prohibits sex offenders from accessing certain websites when minors may be members

Even a pumpkin can spell trouble for sex offenders, October 28, 2016

Attorney general opposes Chesapeake man's innocence claim in 1977 sexual assault (Virginia), October 25, 2016

67,000 Virginia Ex-Felons Just Got Their Voting Rights Back. This Man Wants To Make Sure They Keep Them (Virginia), October 20, 2016
If voting doesn’t matter, then “why did they make it so hard?”

Asperger’s, autism, and sex offenders, October 20, 2016

Lawyers: Imprisoned man sentenced to death in 1970 for killing 4-year-old Va. boy is innocent, October 19, 2016
Large Racial Disparities in Sex Offender Registry, Prof. finds, October 18, 2016
“Punishing Sex: Sex Offenders and the Missing Punitive Turn in Sexuality Studies.”

Sex offender registries need reform, October 18, 2016

Convicted rapist says his care hurt by his offender status (OH), October 15, 2016

Four Lesbians Were Wrongly Convicted of Child Abuse. Why Haven’t They Been Exonerated?  October 14, 2016
"San Antonio Four"

Inside Case Behind Wrongful Conviction Doc 'Southwest of Salem', October 13, 2016
How junk forensic science was used in trial of four lesbians known as the "San Antonio Four"

Truth test: U.S. Senate candidates call each other soft on sex offenders (NC), October 13, 2016

Troopers 'fleeing' the department, state police association says (Virginia), October 13, 2016

McAuliffe budget cuts include 26 layoffs, set stage for new bid to expand Medicaid (Virginia), October 13, 2016
The moves also will replace $5.5 million in general funds for state police with money from four special funds, including one earmarked for technology upgrade of the sex offender registry.

Supreme Court Hears Case On Racial Bias In Jury Deliberations, October 11, 2016

More Lives Sabotaged by National Faux-Sex-Trafficking Witch-Hunt, October 10, 2016
Prosecutors drop charges against men arrested in prostitution sting...after costing them their jobs by portraying them as sex traffickers.

Teens and sex: When laws don't keep up with reality, October 9, 2016

Opinion: Sex-offender registry adds costs without protecting public, October 9, 2016

Trump’s Insistence that Central Park 5 are Guilty Reveals Frightening Ignorance and Worse, October 8, 2016

Editorial: How and when to restore civil rights? Habeeb offers a good approach (Virginia), October 7, 2016

Dionne Wilson and Marc Klaas Spar Over California Death Penalty Propositions (CA), October 5, 2016

Here's How Backpage CEO Carl Ferrer Supposedly Profited From Child Sex Trafficking, October 7, 2016
Behold, 12 things the state of California considers sex trafficking that are totally not

Making the Case Against Banishing Sex Offenders, October 5, 2016
Legislators won’t touch the subject, but courts are proving more sympathetic.

Sex-offender registries: How the Wetterling abduction changed the country, October 4, 2016
The number of people on the nation's sex-offender registries has exploded to hundreds of thousands. But researchers question the registries' effectiveness, note their inconsistencies and suggest they might be doing more harm than good. Even Patty Wetterling has changed her views.

In the Dark, October 4, 2016
6 Part Podcast about a 27-year child abduction (Jacob Wetterling) investigation that changed the nation.

California Settles Sex-Offender Lawsuit Over Halloween Signs, October 4, 2016

Prosecutor Wants to Charge 14-Year-Old Girl with Sexual Exploitation for Taking PG-13 Pictures of Herself, October 4, 2016
When her parents found out she had sexted, they were horrified. When they saw the actual pictures, they were confused.

How ALEC & the Kochs Publicly Back Criminal Justice Reform & Privately Expand Mass Incarceration, October 3, 2016

Online behind bars: if internet access is a human right, should prisoners have it? October 3, 2016

Judge reinstates Brown Univ. student accused of sexual misconduct, blasts ‘organized’ pressure to get him not to, October 3, 2016

Nate Parker’s (Birth of a Nation) Serious Incident in His Past, October 2, 2016

Well-meaning family takes in sex offender, inciting fear and outrage, October 1, 2016
The debate in Birchwood Village shows a problem that state leaders still have not figured out how to address: How to integrate sex offenders into a community. 

WAKE-UP CALL: Virginia has a human-trafficking problem (Virginia), October 1, 2016

Kansas overhauling post-prison treatment of sex offenders, October 1, 2016

September 2016

A deal is a deal: Pa. Supreme Court blocks retroactive registration boosts for sex offenders, September 30, 2016

Rape Allegations Refiled Against Donald Trump, September 30, 2016

Brock Turner rape ruling spurs California law on sex assault sentences, September 30, 2016

In aftermath of Brock Turner case, California’s governor signs sex crime bill, September 30, 2016

D.C.’s Broken Parole System, September 30, 2016
Judges, lawyers, and legal advocates sign an open letter in support of would-be parolees languishing far too long.

Judge Dismisses Challenge to Special Sex Offender Passports, September 30, 2016
The plaintiffs argued that the newly mandated stigma is unconstitutional.

King County Sheriff Continues to Offer Distorted View of Seattle Sex Trafficking, September 30, 2016
Sheriff John Urquhart said Reason's reporting on the issue was not unfair but offers a "unicorn-ish" view of Seattle sex work. "This was not Pretty Woman."

Justice Department Announces Almost $18 Million In Awards To Support Sex Offender Registration, Assessment, Intervention, September 29, 2016

6 Times Atrocious Crimes (Mostly Against White People) Produced Disastrous Laws, September 28, 2016
Politicized crime laws enacted in response to atrocities are almost always expensive failures.

Child Sex Offenders Will Get Warning Stamp On Passport, September 28, 2016

Sex offenders will have to disclose email addresses, user names under new law, September 28, 2016

Sex Offenders Say Idaho's Retroactive Registration Requirements Are Unconstitutional, September 28, 2016
Idaho's law is similar to Michigan's, which a federal appeals court recently deemed punitive.

Colleges mistreat men accused of sex assault, September 27, 2016
Past ignorance toward college sex assault victims doesn't mean accused men should now be denied due process

11th Cir. Revives Sexual Predators' Housing Claim, September 27, 2016

I'm an ex-sex offender. Florida should use fact, not emotion, to write laws, September 27, 2016

Sex Offenders International, September 27, 2016

Judge: Ex-sailors (The Norfolk Four) convicted of rape, murder are innocent (Virginia), September 27, 2016

Judge Dumps Passport 'Scarlet Letter' Fight, September 26, 2016

The banning of books in prisons: 'It's like living in the dark ages', September 25, 2016
Dan Slater’s book Wolf Boys is the latest of many to be banned to American prisoners for reasons that seem capricious, illogical and vindictive

Part 3 of 3 in Series
Opinion - Designed to fail: Solutions for sexual predator residency requirements, September 25, 2016

Part 2 of 3 in Series
Opinion - Designed to fail: Sexual predators are wandering the streets, September 24, 2016

104 sex offender sue Idaho over registry, September 24, 2016

Judge orders digital forensics firm to give more Morrissey phone records to state investigators (Virginia), September 24, 2016

Judge dismisses lawsuit over sex offender passport marker, September 24, 2016

US and Slovakia agree to share sex offender information, September 23, 2016

Diaper Change as Molestation? Experts Doubt Arizona Charges, September 23, 2016

Court records detail numerous incidents related to abuse charges filed against Del. Rick Morris (Virginia), September 23, 2016

Part 1 of 3 in Series
Opinion - Law is designed to fail: Many sexual predators are wandering the streets, September 22, 2016

Sex offenders sue over Iowa's civil commitment program, September 22, 2016

Heated debate over tougher punishment for sex crimes as some worry it could unfairly affect California's minorities, September 22, 2016

Man mistaken for child molester yells during fatal beating, ‘I have kids. It’s not me’, September 22, 2016

South St. Paul set to dramatically restrict where sex offenders can live, September 22, 2016

He pleaded guilty to rape nearly 4 decades ago. Now a Chesapeake man wants to clear his name. (Virginia), September 21, 2016

State Del. Rick Morris of Suffolk charged with assaulting child, family member (Virginia), September 21, 2016

Virginia State Police experiencing severe manpower shortage (Virginia), September 20, 2016

Commentary: What is deserved for a sex offender? September 17, 2016
The Heinrich confession and a case with an offender less vile raise the question anew.

If You Change a Baby’s Diaper in Arizona, You Can Now Be Convicted of Child Molestation, September 16, 2016

A backward march on voting rights (Virginia), September 15, 2016

Virginia Supreme Court denies Republican effort to hold McAuliffe in contempt over felon voting rights (Virginia), September 15, 2016

Democratic lawmakers propose removing felon voting ban from Virginia constitution (Virginia), September 15, 2016

Sex Bureaucracy Expands, Gets More Intrusive at Colleges, September 15, 2016

Roger Chesley: Proposed amendment is the opposite of progress (Virginia), September 15, 2016

Michigan asks federal court to revise opinion on sex offender registry rules, September 15, 2016

Brock Turner, Bill Cosby driving California sex-crime lawmaking, September 14, 2016

Housing SC sex fiends costly, September 13, 2016

Romeo and Juliet and Sexting: 17-Year-Old Faces Child Porn, Assault Charges for Consensual Sex with Girlfriend, September 13, 2016
'They said that all they were going to do was delete the photos from the phone, so I blindly signed a paper allowing them to access it.'

Virginia AG: Only 'small fraction' of 213K felons will regain right to vote before presidential election (Virginia), September 13, 2016

Second of two men who claimed innocence of 1996 Norfolk rape dies in prison (Virginia), September 12, 2016

If this is winning, I don’t want it:” Convicted sex offender talks about life after being released from prison, September 11, 2016

Sex offender registries face scrutiny after Turner's release, September 10, 2016

Sex Offender Fights Removal From Hospice (FL), September 9, 2016

Get angry about Brock Turner’s crime. But don’t use it as a reason to pass bad laws. September 9, 2016

Thinking Brock Turner is getting off easy is wrong, September 9, 2016

Group home for Walsingham area approved (Virginia), September 9, 2016

AZ Supreme Court asked to reinstate no-bail law for some sex offenses, September 9, 2016

Judge says sex offender's right to due process trumps public safety, September 8, 2016
Letourneau: After Jacob, work harder to prevent child sexual abuse, September 8, 2016
Instead of just reacting to perpetrators, create programs so they don't offend in the first place. 

Thousands of sex offenders not labeled by danger to public (GA), September 8, 2016

Why Jerry Sandusky May Be Innocent, September 7, 2016

New laws, federal and state safeguards have led to more exonerations, September 7, 2016

The Volokh Conspiracy: Sex offender laws and the 6th Circuit’s Ex Post Facto Clause ruling, September 7, 2016

Campuses Cautiously Train Freshmen Against Subtle Insults “Microaggressions”, September 6, 2016

Imprisonment for failure to register as sex offender upheld (AZ), September 6, 2016
The Ninth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals

Brock Turner's Ohio Neighbors Are Not Welcoming, and Some Are Armed, September 6, 2016
The armed protesters stress they are not threatening to harm Turner, unless they catch him committing another crime. They say it's their form of justice and a way to keep Turner on edge

Schapiro: For some Va. Republicans, lifelong voting bar is a non-starter (Virginia), September 6, 2016

Court: Homeless sex offenders still face 72-hour reporting despite 2006 rule change (AZ), September 5, 2016

FBI tactic in child porn sting under attack in Rockwood case, September 5, 2016

Body of Jacob Wetterling, the Missing Kid Who Launched the Sex Offender Registry, Found After 27 Years, September 5, 2016
Tragedy makes for terrible public policy.

The Post's View: Virginia Republicans’ essentially racist project (Virginia), September 5, 2016

Jacob Wetterling's Family 'Deeply Grieving' After Remains Found 27 Years Later, September 5, 2016

A Temp Agency That Gives Ex-Inmates a Job, and a Ride to Work, September 4, 2016

How One Boy's Family Helped Create The National Sex Offender List, September 4, 2016
Jacob Wetterling disappeared in 1989, and his family set off on a mission to help protect children.

North Carolina's New Sex Offender Law Is Unjust and Unconstitutional: North Carolina Kicks Sex Offenders Out of Libraries, Parks, and Fairs, September 2, 2016

Justice Dept.: “Half of Sexual Abuse Claims in American Prisons Involve Guards”, September 2, 2016

Mad about Brock Turner's sentence? It's not uncommon, September 2, 2016

Brock Turner Should Still Be in Prison, Not on the Sex Offender Registry, September 2, 2016
His punishment is too lenient and too harsh.

Democrats say Norment's voting rights proposal would 'permanently marginalize' violent felons (Virginia), September 2, 2016

Norment proposes path to voting rights for nonviolent felons; McAuliffe calls it 'step backward' (Virginia), September 2, 2016

State Dept. restricts passports for sex offenders, September 1, 2016

NYS Senator Calls On Assembly To Pass Sex Offender Residency Restrictions, September 1, 2016

Virginia Republicans file contempt-of-court motion against McAuliffe over felon voting rights (Virginia), September 1, 2016

Sex offenders no longer allowed at State Fairgrounds, arcades under new ban in NC, September 1, 2016

Norment: Take governor, and violent felons, out of rights restoration (Virginia), September 1, 2016

August 2016

The FBI Distributes Child Pornography to Catch People Who Look at It, August 31, 2016
By its own logic, the government victimized children thousands of times.

The Perverse Penalties of Leper Lists, August 31, 2016
A federal appeals court finds little evidence that the burdens imposed by sex offender registries are justified.

Feds takeover of "The Playpen" to facilitate child-porn distribution now generating court controversies, August 30, 2016

Judges Are Starting to Question Overzealous Sex-Offender Laws, August 29, 2016

10 years after sex offender murders questions linger about registry (ME), August 29, 2016

Editorial: Court takes step to rein in sex registry, August 29, 2016

Misusing Data on Campus Rape, August 29, 2016

‘Toxic environment’ for sons accused of campus sex offenses turns mothers to militants, August 29, 2016

Sen. Frank Wagner from Virginia Beach announces run for GOP nomination for governor of Virginia (Virginia), August 29, 2016

Va. GOP votes 41-40 to switch and nominate 2017 statewide candidates in a primary (Virginia), August 28, 2016

Diane Dimond: Earnest Leap Pardoned for Sex Crime He Never Committed, August 27, 2016

The 6th Circuit Finally Said The Magic Word: Punitive, August 27, 2016

Michigan Sex-Offender Law Denied Retroactivity, August 26, 2016

Court says Mich. sex offender registry laws creating ‘moral lepers’, August 26, 2016

6th Circuit Says Mich. Sex Offender Registry Is Punitive and, Not Incidentally, Stupid, August 26, 2016
Concluding that retroactive application of the law is unconstitutional, the appeals court also questions its rationality.

Appeals Court Issues Scathing Ruling Against Michigan Sex Offender Penalties, August 26, 2016

The Volokh Conspiracy: Court voids state sex offender registry for imposing unconstitutionally retroactive punishment, August 25, 2016

Court: Michigan sex offender rules can’t be retroactive, August 25, 2016

Sex offender working near Boys & Girls Club will lose job under new law (NC), August 25, 2016

26-year-old is cleared for unconditional release from MSOP (MN), August 24, 2016
Man, 26, who abused as a child, is set to get program's first unconditional discharge. 

Schapiro: For GOP, court ruling on felons has unintended consequences (Virginia), August 24, 2016

Sex offenders would have to disclose email addresses and usernames under bill sent to governor (CA) , August 24, 2016
SB 448 would apply to offenders convicted on or after Jan. 1, 2017 who used the Internet to carry out sex crimes.

Differing definitions of rape create opening for misuse, August 23, 2016

Law that stopped Alabama ministry for sex offenders could be repealed, August 23, 2016

‘An issue of basic justice’
McAuliffe says felons whose rights are restored will get 'thorough review' by state agencies (Virginia), August 23, 2016

McAuliffe restores voting rights for 13k felons, outlines plan after Supreme Court ruling against him (Virginia), August 23, 2016

Concerns Over Rule Banning Sex Offenders From Playing Pokémon Go (NY), August 21, 2016

Sex offender ordinance hasn’t worked as planned, putting public at greater risk (WI), August 20, 2016

Virginia’s McAuliffe to announce restoration of voting rights to 13,000 felons (Virginia), August 20, 2016

Decades after ‘lie’ puts dad on sex offender registry, he’s pardoned (MO), August 20, 2016

Attorney general opposes exoneration bid in 1996 Norfolk rape case (Virginia), August 20, 2016

Violence, Mass Incarceration, and the Myth of Monstrosity, August 20, 2016
To achieve true criminal justice reform, we must first confront the violence in our country’s past and present.

Private Prison Stocks Sink After U.S. Signals the End, August 18, 2016

Geo Group stock plummets as government to end use of private prisons, August 18, 2016

The Justice Department Is Done With Private Prisons. Will ICE Drop Them Too? August 18, 2016

Sex offenders sue Englewood claiming city ordinance effectively bans them from city (CO), August 18, 2016
Sex offenders allowed in only 1 percent of Englewood parcels

Virginia Beach schools will use new system that screens guests to ensure they aren't sex offenders (Virginia), August 18, 2016

Justice Department says it will end use of private prisons, August 18, 2016

New security system stops sex offenders at the door of Virginia Beach and Chesapeake schools (Virginia), August 18, 2016

New technology in Va. Beach schools will check for sex offenders (Virginia), August 18, 2016

Former Chesapeake councilman Cliff Hayes wins nod for Lionell Spruill's state House seat (Virginia), August 17, 2016

A girl accused her dad of rape. Then, his attorney noticed echoes of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey.’, August 17, 2016

Cordasco is GOP candidate for the 93rd House race (Virginia), August 16, 2016
Supreme Court ruling will reduce number of sex offenders required to register for life (PA), August 16, 2016
The decision by the court's majority states that offenders who commit some kinds of sex crimes, such as possessing child pornography, cannot be made to register with state police for life unless they commit at least one more sex crime after their initial convictions. In other words, they have to become recidivists to qualify for the lifetime registration.
State police have been requiring such first-time offenders to register for life if they have multiple sex crime convictions stemming from just one criminal incident.

Chesapeake man asks Virginia Supreme Court to exonerate him of 1977 rape (Virginia), August 16, 2016

'It’s victimization': push grows to charge onlookers who tape sexual assaults, August 15, 2016
Growing trend forcing law enforcement to weigh legal ramifications and whether to prosecute witnesses who video or take pictures of victims

In U.S. Jails, a Constitutional Clash Over Air-Conditioning, August 15, 2016

Hebephilia flunks Frye test, August 14, 2016

Don’t catch Guv’s ‘fear Pokemongering’ (NY), August 11, 2016

More felons gained and lost the right to vote in Richmond than anywhere else in Virginia (Virginia), August 11, 2016

Partial felon voting list released (Virginia), August 11, 2016

First, save the children, August 11, 2016
Punitive laws intended to protect children from sexual assault too often make them less safe

Shedding light on the dark field, August 11, 2016
Understanding sexual attraction to children is essential if they are to be kept safe

Dems cancel caucus, nominate Mike Mullin for 93rd (Virginia), August 10, 2016

Judge Critical of Sex-Offender Registry Confirmed to Massachusetts High Court, August 10, 2016
Critics had argued that Kimberly Budd's criticism of sex-offender registries "render her unfit to serve as a justice."

Virginia will release list of 13K felons who had voter registrations cancelled by court order (Virginia), August 10, 2016

The U.S. Is Still Dealing With the Murder of Adam Walsh, August 10, 2016

'Don't give up hope,' McAuliffe official says at forum on nullified felon voting order (Virginia), August 10, 2016

New Chesterfield program offers alternative for juveniles in state custody (Virginia), August 8, 2016

Appeals Court overturns conviction of man accused of soliciting a minor for sex over the internet (MN), August 8, 2016
Man didn't get to claim girl, 14, lied about age.

Representative says nominee’s statements make her unfit for SJC (MA), August 8, 2016

Trial by Jury, a Hallowed American Right, Is Vanishing, August 7, 2016

Man with autism asking Va.'s high court to hear his appeal in sex assault case (Virginia), August 7, 2016

As cancellation letters go out, McAuliffe takes more time to review felon voting (Virginia), August 7, 2016

Even violent crime victims say our prisons are making crime worse, August 5, 2016

I’m the inmate. Why is my granddaughter being punished, too? August 5, 2016
A new Maryland prison visiting policy is especially hard on kids.

Why the 'Pokémon Go' Ban on Sex Offenders Makes No Sense, August 5, 2016

Injustice: How the Sex Offender Registry Destroys LGBT Rights, August 5, 2016
Queer youth are being disproportionately labeled as sex offenders.

Interim report proposes small living units, ample treatment space for juveniles in state custody (Virginia), August 5, 2016

Teen Girl Sells Sex. Teen Boy Serves as Bodyguard. Teen Boy Gets Arrested by Homeland Security for Child Sex-Trafficking, August 4, 2016
If convicted, the boy—an 18-year-old homeless refugee from Ghana—faces a mandatory minimum of 10 years in federal prison, with life imprisonment possible.

At Virginia's Supermax Prisons, Isolation and Abuse Persist Despite Reforms (Virginia), August 4, 2016

Minnesota further erodes due process for accused students, August 4, 2016

States Get More Discretion to Register Juveniles on Sex Registries, August 3, 2016

DNA Evidence Exonerates New Jersey Man of 1988 Rape, August 3, 2016

New York Sex Offenders Are Now Banned From 'Pokémon Go.' Here's Why That's a Bad Idea, August 3, 2016

Catching Pokémon, and sex offenders: Against the frenzy to ban sex offenders from playing the new augmented reality game, August 3, 2016

Letter to the editor: Sex offender residency limits should be opposed (NH), August 3, 2016

Wrongfully Convicted of Rape, a New Jersey Man Finds More Punishment After Prison, August 2, 2016

Don’t believe the fearmongering about perverts using Pokémon Go, August 2, 2016

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Bans Sex Offenders From Playing Pokémon Go, August 2, 2016

Banning Sex Offenders from Pokemon Go Is Ridiculous and Helps No One, August 2, 2016

How one state is giving more power to students in reporting sexual assaults on campus — anonymously (MN), August 2, 2016

New York Wants to Ban Sex Offenders from Playing Pokemon Go, August 1, 2016
Call it Fear-Pokemongering.

Here’s How New York is Responding to Sex Offenders Playing Pokémon Go, August 1, 2016

Gov. Cuomo orders Pokémon Go prohibition for sex offenders on parole (NY) August 1, 2016

Why Is It So Hard to Write a Decent Revenge Porn Law? August 1, 2016

July 2016

Richard Cizik: Virginia should change course on rights restoration (Virginia), July 31, 2016

Waiting list for sex offender treatment impacts justice system (MT), July 31, 2016

Opinion: Punishment That Doesn’t Fit the Crime, July 30, 2016

Minnesota students with criminal history face stigma, July 30, 2016

Virginia sets Aug. 8 deadline to cancel voter registration of felons in now-overturned orders by Gov. Terry McAuliffe (Virginia), July 30, 2016

2 NY State Sens. Diane Savino (D-S.I.) and Jeff Klein (D-Bronx) propose legislation to ban RSO’s from using apps like Pokémon Go AND to require app/game co’s “to make sure no stops are placed w/in 100 ft of RSO’s homes
Pokémon Go sends kids to homes of convicted sex offenders, legislators warn, July 29, 2016
Pokémon Go lures children near homes of sex offenders, July 29, 2016

Court rejects Ohio law that bans police from sex with minors, July 28, 2016

Judge keeps sex offender’s voting suit alive (IN), July 28, 2016

Man charged with assaulting 3 people in Anchorage (AK), July 28, 2016
He targeted his victims based on their listings on Alaska's sex-offender registry

Sex Offenders Fight Passport 'Scarlet Letter', July 27, 2016
The 2016 International Megan's Law

Sex offenders protest their right for travel, July 27, 2016
The 2016 International Megan's Law

‘Why don’t they want us to vote?’ Ex-felons cope with losing voting rights twice in Virginia. (Virginia), July 27, 2016

Child Porn Gets Longer Sentences than Rape, Molestation, July 27, 2016

Marking kids for life on sex offender registries, July 25, 2016

Lenore Skenazy: Bogus ‘sex offender’ labels are ruining lives, July 25, 2016

Editorial: A chance to get sex offender laws right (IL), July 25, 2016

Editorial: Restorative justice (Virginia), July 25, 2016

Virginia Governor Says Fight for Felons’ Voting Rights Is Not Over (Virginia), July 25, 2016

Felon voting case could have bearing on next year’s race for Va. attorney general (Virginia), July 25, 2016
Delegate Rob Bell

A new federal ban on revenge porn could change the lives of survivors, July 24, 2016

Sex offenders sue, saying registry laws keep them from church, living with family, July 24, 2016

Chesapeake man believes DNA proves innocence in 1977 rape (Virginia), July 24, 2016

Freedom comes with a cost for St. Charles sex offender, (MO) July 23, 2016

Va. Supreme Court strikes down McAuliffe's order on felon voting rights (Virginia), July 22, 2016

Virginia court nixes order restoring felons' voting rights (Virginia), July 22, 2016

Metamora Films to Film Protest Against International Megan’s Law (IML), July 21, 2016

The Stanford Rape Case, July 21, 2016
Maybe we're having the wrong conversation?

New study: Far fewer juveniles engaged in sex trade than previously estimated, July 21, 2016

Rowlett Couple Harassed After Mistaken Sex Offender Notice, (TX) July 21, 2016

Nevada's sex offender registry law in limbo, July 20, 2016

Wendy Kaminer: Don’t encourage young women to feel traumatized, July 18, 2016

Beyond Panic and Punishment: Brock Turner and the Left Response to Sexual Violence, July 18, 2016
A familiar and narrow framework has crowded out any consideration of how we can address sexual violence without reanimating calls for harsh sentences

Anchorage man says an attacker who called himself the ‘avenging angel’ broke into his home and assaulted him with a hammer, July 16, 2016
"It's 1 o'clock in the morning, my roommate came pounding on my door and said, 'Someone is trying to break in,'" Demarest said. "And a guy was standing behind him and pushed him out of the way and he was carrying a hammer."
Demarest said the intruder asked if he was a registered sex offender and if he was Wesley Demarest. Demarest said he answered "Yes." He also noted the man wore two or three necklaces and had a hat pulled over his long, straight hair.
"He asked if I thought I paid for my crime," Demarest said. "I said, 'Yeah.' He said, 'No, you didn't pay for it enough.'"
The intruder talked about a list he had in his car with the names of other registered sex offenders, Demarest said.
He said it was consensual. She said she blacked out. U-Va. had to decide: Was it assault? (Virginia), July 14, 2016

Program to corral ballooning sex offender registry failing (TX), July 14, 2016

Why Putting Kids on Sex Offender Registries Is Unjust, July 13, 2016

Yarmouth’s proposed sex offender restrictions likely headed to November vote (ME), July 13, 2016
Some town councilors are opposed to residency limits that they say would restrict people's liberties and would not improve public safety.

Some opposition to sex offender bill (MI), July 13, 2016

Are Sex Offender Restrictions So Vague They’re Unconstitutional? (IL), July 12, 2016

Children guilty of sexual abuse should not be 'unnecessarily criminalised', July 11, 2016
Charity-backed inquiry says national strategy is needed to help children and parents understand what sexual conduct is illegal

Fugitive sex offenders included on McAuliffe's rights restoration list (Virginia), July 10, 2016

They've been living in shacks by the water in Norfolk. Now they have to go — but where? (Virginia), July 9, 2016

Alton Sterling: When a Sex Offender Gets a Candlelight Vigil, July 8, 2016
It takes the shock of an unjust death to remind us that sex offenders can be people who are good men.

Meet a ‘Violent Sexual Predator’ and Marvel at Our Broken System for Dealing With Sex Offenders, July 6, 2016

Innocent Man Must Notify the Police 24 Hours Before He Has Sex, July 6, 2016
40-year-old man was acquitted of rape, but UK officials don't care.

I'm a public defender. My clients would rather go to jail than register as sex offenders. July 5, 2016

Why the sex offender registry isn’t the right way to punish rapists, July 5, 2016

Judge: Warrant in child porn case was unnecessary (Virginia), July 5, 2016

Why 13-year-olds can no longer marry in Virginia (Virginia), July 3, 2016

Little-known registry lists murderers in your town, but is it a good thing? (IL), July 1, 2016

Nevada Supreme Court stops sex offender law from being implemented, July 1, 2016

Filing to Nevada Supreme Court blocks offender list, July 1, 2016

Jury delivers $325,000 verdict against sex-offender websites owner, July 1, 2016